/EOG/ Guild Card Creator


  • Guild card images are located on your 3DS's SD card at: (DRIVE LETTER):\private\Nintendo 3DS\app\ASJE
  • Make sure you upload images in order: SQ4GCARDP1, SQ4GCARDP1 then SQ4GCARDQR
  • Uploading out of order won't break anything, it'll just look all screwed up.
  • Images can be in BMP (default), JPG, GIF or PNG format. I recommend just keeping them as BMPs.
  • After hitting submit, be patient. The template is big (2MB), so it may take a few moments to compile and load.
  • Friend Code will only print if it's valid (1234-1234-1234, 1234 1234 1234, 123412341234, etc). If not, FC will be blank.
  • Guild cards created will stay on the server for a short period, but at some point will be deleted.
  • Thanks to the anon who made/edited the original template, and to the anon who gave me the BMPs I used for testing.
  • Site design by anon, big thanks!
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